1.) Open “template-home.php” file and search for this line of code:

<?php $options_morphis = $NHP_Options->options; ?>

2.) Just below it add this code:

<?php $page_post_ID = $post->ID; ?>

3.) Now, here’s the block of code the theme uses for the “headline” on the Home Page, you can also find this, of course, in the “template-home.php:

        if( $options_morphis['toggleHeadline'] == '1' ) {    

The code above “includes” the “headline.php” file located inside the “inc” folder. The “headline.php” file is the one that produces the “headline” texts.

Now “CUT” this block of code and place/paste it just below this line of code in the “template-home.php” file:

 <div id="main" role="main"> 

This will place the headline just below the slider.

4.) One more thing is to include this line of code inside the headline part:

$post->ID = $page_post_ID;

So, all in all, your code should look like this in the “template-home.php” file:

 <div id="main" role="main"> <?php $post->ID = $page_post_ID; if( $options_morphis['toggleHeadline'] == '1' ) { get_template_part('inc/headline'); } ?> 

5.) The last thing you should do is open up “headline.php” located inside the “inc” folder and delete this line of code:


And also remove the ending/closing </div> tag at the end of this file.