Here’s an example on how you could import “theme options settings” through the “Morphis Theme Options” panel:

Currently, the theme can import from a file or from a URL . To import settings from a file, open any of the four .txt file located in the “demo_content” folder included within the downloaded package of Morphis (e.g. Let’s say you want to import settings from the “Light Skin – Boxed” version of the theme, then you should open “morphis_options_LIGHT-BOXED.txt”. Copy all content from that file and now navigate to “Morphis Theme Options > Import/Export”. From there, click on “Import from file” button and a textarea will appear where you can paste the contents copied from “morphis_options_LIGHT-BOXED.txt” file. After pasting, click on “Import” button to import and save. You’ll now have the same theme options settings exactly alike from the “Live Demo” of the theme’s Light skin -boxed version.

What If I Am Getting My Theme Options Locally (example: localhost)?

1.) First is to use the “Tools > Export” of your locally hosted test environment to export the XML file copy of your installation.

2.) Then “Tools > Import” the generated XML file from your local test environment to your live test environment. This way, all the files from your local test environment (including images) will be imported to your live test environment. Or check that the contents from your “wp-content/uploads/” folder from your live test environment is the same as with your local “wp-content/uploads/” folder.

3.) Next is to open up the generated .txt file (e.g. morphis_options_28-09-2012.txt) and replace all text “http://your_local_address/wordpress/” to your live test environment. For example: “”.

4.) Now, then try Import from file on the Morphis Theme Options panel and click the Import button.