Currently, the blog post on the Home Page shows only the recently added posts from your blog. You can control the posts that should appear there by selecting the “Category” of the posts from the Select Category for the Blogs section option under the “Home Page Content” tab of the “Morphis Theme Options” panel. However, if you want to control the blog posts that should appear there and want it fixed, you’ll have to edit the file “blogs.php” under the “morphis/inc/” folder:

a. Open “blogs.php” file located inside “morphis/inc” folder and search for this line of code:

$query = new WP_Query( $_filter );

b. Add this line of code just right above it:

        $_filter = array( 
            'posts_per_page' => 4, 
            'post__in' => array( 329, 336, 199, 187 ) 

c. You’ll notice that we have four numbers (329, 336, 199, 187) in the “array” of “post__in”. These numbers are the four Post IDs of the blog posts that we want to show in the Home Page’s blog section. To know the Post ID of your blog post, you can see this link.



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