Since Twitter API v1.1, fetching tweets required authentication access, so for the Twitter feature of the theme to be functional, you need to input some Twitter credentials into your theme options, particularly in Morphis Theme Options > Social Links tab. From that tab, you’ll see four (4) new textbox fields: Twitter App Consumer Key, Twitter App Consumer Secret, Twitter App Access Token and Twitter App Access Token Secret. These fields are required by Twitter for authentication and to make requests to their API. Now, to get these keys and tokens, you should do these steps:
1.) Head on to, click the Sign In button to sign in with your Twitter account.
2.) After signing in, hover over your avatar on the top right side of the page so a menu will drop-down where you can click the My Applications link.
3.) Now, you need to create a new application, to start creating, click the Create a New Application button.
4.) You need to name your application, put a description, and your website address. Just leave the Callback URL empty.
5.) Tick the “Yes, I agree” checkbox. Enter the security captcha word and then click the Create your Twitter application button.
6.) After your application has been created, click the Create my access token button to generate the access tokens.
7.) The keys and tokens needed for the theme should now be available.
8.) Get the Consumer Key and place it in the theme’s Twitter App Consumer Key text field.
9.) Get the Consumer Secret and place it in the theme’s Twitter App Consumer Secret text field.
10.) Get the Access Token and place it in the theme’s Twitter App Access Token text field.
11.) Get the Access Token Secret and place it in the theme’s Twitter App Access Token Secret text field.