Before proceeding with the update, please be informed that updating your theme means overwriting all your current theme files with the new version’s files. Any code changes/modifications you have done with your current themefiles will not be saved that is why using a child theme instead for customizing the theme is suggested. However, all your settings and options (theme options, page options, etc) will remain after the update as these options and settings are saved on the database. I suggest that you backup first your current theme and just re-apply your code changes after the update.


There are either of two ways to update the theme, using FTP or using the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin:


1.) Using FTP


a.) Re-download the zip file from ThemeForest which you can find on your ThemeForest Dashboard > Downloads tab. From there, you could see the list of your purchases along with the Morphis WordPress Theme. Just click the Download button and then the All files & documentation link just beside Morphis WordPress Theme. Usually a filename zip file should start downloading.
b.) After your download have finished, unzip it and you should have a folder named themeforest-2429191-morphis-responsive-wordpress-theme. Inside this folder, you’ll find the Morphis2.0.0_WP folder. And inside this folder is the file.
c.) Now, unzip the file and using your FTP client upload all the contents of the unzipped “morphis/” folder onto your current “morphis/” folder on your site overwriting all its files.
d.) After all files, have been uploaded, the theme is now updated to the latest version.

a.) Download the Envato WordPress Toolkit Plugin from here. From that page, you’ll see a ZIP button which you should click to start the download. See the screenshot below for reference:


Envato WordPress Toolkit


b.) A zip file named file should start downloading.
c.) After you’re download has finished. Open up your site’s WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins > Add New page.
d.) Click the “upload” link on that page to Install the downloaded plugin via uploading.
e.) Now, click the Choose File button from that page to open up a dialog box that which you can choose and find the downloaded file.
f.) Now, after choosing, click the Install Now button to start uploading & installing the plugin. After the install has finished, Activate the plugin.
g.) You should now see on your dashboard’s menu on the left is the Envato Toolkit menu. Click this menu to go to the settings page of the plugin.
h.) You should now be on the Envato WordPress Toolkit page. See screenshot below:


Envato Toolkit page


i.) From this page, you’ll need to enter your ThemeForest Marketplace username and your Secret API Key. To get your Secret API Key, head on to your ThemeForest dashboard and navigate to your My Settings tab. Under this tab, click the API Keys menu item on the left. Now, to generate an API Key, you need to click the Generate API Key button on this page to generate a new key. If this is successful, a new key will appear under the  Your API Keys list. Copy this key and use this key to enter in your Envato WordPress Toolkit page on your WordPress admin. See screenshot below for reference:


Envato generate API key


j.) You now have both your username and Secret API Key on your Envato WordPress Toolkit page settings. All you have to do now is to click the Save Settings button below it.
k.) After you have clicked the Save Settings button, the page will reload and all your purchased themes will appear just below the Envato WordPress Toolkit page where you can just click the update automatically link toupdate your Morphis WordPress theme automatically to its latest version. See screenshot below for reference:




l.) Clicking the update automatically link should start the update and notify you if the update has been successful.