I think there are two things that this issue is happening:

1.) Make sure you have uploaded the unzipped folder of “morphis.zip” with a folder structure like this:


A few buyers have had a similar issue where they had a folder structure like this:


As you can see, they have placed the “morphis” folder which contains all the files into another “morphis” folder.

2.) Another thing that produces this issue is the pending bug/issue from 1.8 which will be updated/resolved in the next theme update 1.9 which is regarding the use of “child themes”. If you are using a child theme of Morphis right now, please follow these steps:

a. Open this file:


b. Search for this line of code (I think this is located on line 124):

$args['opt_name'] = strtolower(THEME_NAME);

and replace it with this one:

$theme_data_getter = wp_get_theme();
$args['opt_name'] = str_replace(" ", "_", strtolower($theme_data_getter->get('Name')));